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"I wanna spread you like the plague, Daddy"
—Admiral Whiskers[src]

Admiral Whiskers was a rat whose mother was killed by Cliff Steele. Whiskers teamed up with Mr. Nobody and Ezekiel the Cockroach on an attack on Danny the Street.


Losing his mother[]

Admiral Whiskers' mother was killed by Cliff Steele, he sought revenge against him by crawling inside of him and messing with his body. This caused Steele to act against his friends.

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Teaming with Mr. Nobody and Ezekiel[]

Ezekiel the Cockroach visited Mr. Nobody and proposed to form a team. Whiskers was brought to them where the three of the created their team. They attacked Danny the Street as well as Niles Caulder, Vic Stone, Larry Trainor, Rita Farr, Kay Challis, and Cliff Steele. This battle would eventually lead to Whiskers' defeat when Nobody turned on him and destroyed him.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]