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Danny the Street is a sentient genderqueer street. A kind and accepting being, Danny provides a home to the Dannyzens, misfits who aren't accepted by society. Danny hosts drag shows in one of their buildings, called "Peeping Tom's Perpetual Cabaret", the happiness from which fuels Danny. They are pursued by Darren Jones, an agent of the Bureau of Normalcy, which seeks to eradicate abnormalities. After aiding the Chief and his allies, Danny transformed into a brick.

Danny at present, is in the form of an ambulance and in their most complete form is converted into a park.


Meeting Niles Caulder[]

At some point, Danny met and befriended Niles Caulder. Over time, Danny traveled the world accepting LGBT people to live with them, as they accepted everyone.[1] At some point, Danny met Charles Rowland.

Caring for Dorothy Spinner[]

In 1927, Danny was visited again by Niles, who asked them for the favor of caring for their daughter, Dorothy Spinner[2], while trying to find a way to be immortal, something that Danny accepted. Danny spent years being Dorothy's caretaker.[3]

When Niles was visiting Dorothy, Danny tried to convince Niles to give the girl freedom, but Niles did not want to, as it could destroy the world if it comes to light. Danny felt that Dorothy was like a prisoner and not like a friend.[4]

Hunted by the Bureau of Normalcy[]

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Powers and abilities[]


Danny speaks

Danny using their powers to speak to Morris Wilson

  • Sentient Street Physiology: As a sentient street, Danny has many abilities.
    • Telepathy: Danny isnt quite powerful when it comes to this, but they are able to keep track of people walking on them. They are also able give visions to others, hoping to give joy; such as having Larry experience karaoke as his uninjured self.
    • Shapeshifting: Danny is able to alter the layout and details of their street, which they primarily use to spell out messages to communicate. Following the defeat of Mister Nobody, Danny transformed into a brick.
    • Teleportation: Danny can jump between locations, leaving only a small depression in the ground where they were located. They can also appear in towns and cities, with the surrounding roads changing to accommodate them. The people standing on Danny will teleport with them, while anyone standing outside of the block will be left behind.
    • Item Creation: Danny can seem to generate objects, such as a cake with a map to their location or a comic book.
    • Emotional Empowerment: Danny lives off the positivity of those around them. When reduced to a brick after Mr. Nobody messed with them, Danny was only able to start healing once a happy party atmosphere was around. (Unknown if Danny could sense the hours of pent up sexual energy from Rita's orgasms).
      • Danny is not immune to Flex's ability to induce orgasms. As a street, this manifests as fire hydrants blowing their tops.


Danny the Street

A dedicated fan's map of Danny the Street. Not all the locations have names or banners.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • The comic that Danny gives to Vic is My Greatest Adventure #51 (January, 1961). My Greatest Adventure is the same anthology comic that debuted the Doom Patrol in its 80th issue.
  • Danny identifies as genderqueer, using non-binary pronouns (they/them).
  • Maura Lee Karupt mentions that Danny helps their residents break though doubt and mental blocks, helping them embrace their truest selves.
  • Since the same two street blocks are used for Danny when filming takes place on them, it's unknown how far Danny actually extends as a street. Given the number of Dannizens that appeared in Sex Patrol, its fair to say Danny is at least the length of an average town main street.
  • Almost all of the businesses on Danny are named after them, such as "Danny Hats" or "Danny Dental". The one exception is Peeping Tom's Perpetual Cabaret, which appears to be the metaphorical beating heart of the community.


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