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"I am become God! Destroyer of worlds!"

Ezekiel was an intelligent cockroach with the ability to speak. He was deeply religious and believed he was worthy of great power. He, along with the rest of Cloverton, was sucked into the portal to the White Space, though he was freed by the Negative Spirit along with the rest of the town.

He later witnessed the summoning of the Decreator, and joined Mr. Nobody in the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals, where he became huge and fell in love with Admiral Whiskers. He was killed by Cyborg.


Preaching the Apocalypse[]

A long-time believer in God, Ezekiel held the firm belief that eventually mankind would be wiped out so that he would be able to rule over the Earth. When Mr. Nobody sucked the town of Cloverton, Ohio into the White Space, Ezekiel believed this was the apocalypse he had long hoped for. This hope was dashed, however, when he was sucked into the portal along with the rest of the town.[1]

"I am ready, Father, to lead your AAAHHH!!!"

Ezekiel was later returned when the Negative Spirit freed everyone from Mr. Nobody's clutches.

When the Decreator was successfully summoned, Ezekiel witnessed firsthand as it began to decreate Cloverton. He declared that this was the apocalypse he had predicted, though his friend Admiral Whiskers had doubts, which led to a dispute between the two.

Forming the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals[]

Ezekiel, Whiskers, and Nobody form the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals.

Ezekiel was somehow able to enter the White Space allowing him to come face-to-face with a depressed Mr. Nobody, whom he chastised for failing to bring about the apocalypse. After a brief exchange, Ezekiel was able to convince Mr. Nobody to resume his quest for revenge on the Chief, bringing in Admiral Whiskers to form a trio of villains called the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals.

Capturing Danny the Street[]

Attempting to capture Chief's daughter, Dorothy Spinner, Ezekiel and the Brotherhood trapped Danny the Street in a painting by bribing one of their residents with rare beard hairs. Out of fear, Dorothy enlarged Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers to massive sizes, allowing them to terrorize Danny. When Mr. Nobody betrayed the brotherhood, he used his abilities of narration to convince Ezekiel that he had become god, and that he should eat each of the Doom Patrol that had come to stop him.

Ezekiel and Whiskers kiss.

However, Cliff Steele had already been eaten by Admiral Whiskers, so Mr. Nobody convinced him to make out with the rat, so that Cliff could run into his mouth. With that achieved, Larry Trainor ripped a hole through the dimension, allowing the Doom Patrol to escape within Ezekiel, with a single brick of Danny the Street. Back to normal size in the real world, Ezekiel praised himself for surviving, before he was interrupted by a shrunken Cyborg, who used a laser to cut a hole in Ezekiel for the Doom Patrol to leave from. This finally killed Ezekiel.


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