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"You can't live for other people. You have to be true to yourself."
—Larry Trainor[src]

Lawrence "Larry" Trainor (born 1927/1928 in North Dakota)[3] began his story as an Air Force Test Pilot with hopes of joining the Mercury mission. His exposure to the Negative Spirit crushed these aspirations somewhat, and left him posessed of something otherwordly.

In 1966, Niles Caulder gifted Larry bandages designed to protect others from the radiation he emits, and giving him the destinct 'Invisible Man' appearance he is known for. In 2019, he plays a key part in the events that catalyse the plot of the first season of the show.


Personal life[]

Larry identifies as gay. His pronouns are he/him/his. He has demonstrated a passion for cooking and horticulture, cooking meals for the entire house and tending to plants in his room and (until Jane has her way with it) an old school bus.

Early Life[]

Larry was born in 1927-28 to Gerald and Debbie Trainor. In a flashback to his childhood it is revealed that Larry's parents were aware of their son's sexuality from an early age and that he witnessed their shame toward him.[4]

In adulthood, Larry married Sheryl Trainor, with whom he had two sons, Paul and Gary. However their relationship was strained. Larry would spend long nights away from home 'drinking with friends'. The family moved repeatedly and during each move Larry promised to be different this time. A promise he was set to break every single time. Some time before 1961, Larry met John Bowers, a colleague in the Air Force. Larry began a careful affair with John which lasted until his 'accident'.[5] His infatuation with John continued for years after that point.

California: 1961[]

Prior to the flight of the X-15, Larry's youngest son Gary brought him a cardboard model of the plane, one he made himself. There was a problem with this plane though; the engine was on the outside. Larry tried to correct it, showing his son where the engine should actually go. This... wasn't the response he was meant to have. Gary was hurt. Sheryl was upset.[6]

Night Before the Accident[]

Hours before his accident, Larry and John shared a moment. Larry fretted repeatedly about the flight the next day, and John revealed his request to be discharged. He tried to convince Larry to leave, to run away with him. Larry called him selfish and an argument ensued, during which John expressed anger about their relationship being second to Larry's family, and Larry revealed his fear at losing said family. John refused to change his mind

Larry came home to find his wife awake and waiting for him. He told her not to worry, that he would be fine the next day. She asked about after the flight, alluding to empty promises Larry had made before. Promises that he’d repeated at least three times. He reassured her she had not done anything wrong. She told him that if he would not change, she felt that she had to. Larry’s response was to bring up his fear, to tell her the only thing keeping him sane was thinking about her and their children. He pulled her in for a hug and kissed her on the cheek, telling her he couldn’t do it without her. She gently broke out of the hug and retreated to the bedroom.

The Accident[]

In 1961, Larry piloted the X-15, an experimental NASA 'rocket plane' that would potentially shortlist him for the Mercury mission. When the plane exited Earth's atmosphere he was exposed to the Negative Spirit (this was later found to have been planned by Dr. Niles Caulder as part of the Immortus Initiative.) This exposure rendered Trainor unconscious and left the plane to come crashing down to Earth. In the crash, Trainor sustained full body burns and, were it not for the Spirit now possessing him, he would have died.[5]

Following the crash Larry was rushed to hospital, where he would inadvertently cause the deaths of the doctors operating on him through exposure to radiation. He was given the opportunity to talk to his wife (who told him she would be leaving with their sons) and John (who, after telling Larry that he would be staying, was told in return to leave). The Bureau of Normalcy (lead by Charles Forsythe) took hold of Larry at this point, keeping him contained to a lead-lined room and suit within the Ant Farm.[7]

The Bureau performed tests on Larry, making him withstand -100°F and 220°F temperatures, surmising that they could use him as a soldier. The Negative Spirit, though, fought this, and killed a number of Bureau agents in doing so.

In the Ant Farm, Larry found himself in a cell next to that of Flex Mentallo, who asked for his help in removing the power dampening pads over his body in return for helping Larry escape. Larry refused, and the Spirit emerged instead. Flex proved able to understand the spirit, and promised to help it return home - before being blackmailed and tortured by Forsythe, crushing any plans of escape by either of them.[7]

Doom Manor[]

Larry Trainor with his head wrapped up.

In 1966, Niles Caulder rescued Larry from the Bureau and brought him to live in Doom Manor. At that time, the only other resident was Rita Farr. With Caulder out of the house, Rita was left to show Larry to his room, fitted with presumably lead-lined walls allowing him to exist within it without protective clothing. Rita also introduced Larry to the bandages Caulder designed, allowing him to remove the suit he'd left the Bureau wearing. With Rita safely out of the room, he undressed and - seeing her startle slightly through a window in the door, asked if she was okay. Rita reassured him that he should feel comfortable in his new home. This scene was later mirrored, when Rita 'melted' during a conversation with Larry, and he repeated the sentiment back to her.[8]

In 1995, Cliff Steele was assembled and awoken. Larry reluctantly bonded with Cliff, their relationship beginning with Larry stoicly encouraging Cliff to keep his sense of humour.

In 2019, Jane returned to Doom Manor. Larry's relationship with her initially appears to be strained. He demonstrates, briefly, a lack of understanding for her Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Season 1[]

Larry, Rita, Cliff, and Jane see the donkey.

Pilot/Donkey Patrol[]

In 2019, following Jane's return to the manor, Caulder embarks on one of his 'travels'. Without their Chief, a majority of the team were content to remain at the mansion, however Jane (commandeering Larry's bus) ‘encourages’ the group to accompany her into Cloverton. Upon arrival, they split up, with Larry opting to go to a local bar where he sits down, enduring unpleasant stares from patrons, and orders a beer. While sat in the bar, the Negative spirit becomes active (at the same time as, up the street, Rita begins to 'melt' and Hammerhead and Cliff are confronted by cops) and Larry rushes outside, pleading with it. When Larry sees Rita, now a gelatinous mass, he turns and runs in the opposite direction. He makes it a few feet before the Spirit bursts from his body to turn back, leaving Larry unconscious on the sidewalk as it fells a powerline (possibly attempting to block Rita's way).

Later that night, the team gathers to watch the news, interrupted by Caulder's return and subsequent scolding. Larry is the one to turn the TV off. When Caulder informs them of the consequences of their actions, and that they will have to flee the town, Larry is the first to agree to leave. He does not verbally agree with Jane to turn the bus around and rejoin Cliff in his effort to save the town, instead groaning into his hands and seeming to accept that he is along for the ride.

When faced with the donkey, Larry watches on with the rest of the Doom Patrol as a sinkhole opens up and the town is swallowed (along with the bus, the Chief, and Jane). Larry attempts to help, but is left clinging to Cliff as he is almost pulled in.[5] Fearing this all to be due to their excursion, Larry leaves for the bus depot the following morning. He attempts to buy a bus ticket to as remote a location as possible, but on every attempt he is stopped by the Negative Spirit just moments before boarding the bus, until he eventually gives up.

He returns to the Manor, finding Rita in his room experimenting with his bandages over a gloved hand. Larry confesses to having run from Rita during the Cloverton incident, as he was afraid of his lack of control over the Negative Spirit. Rita reassures Larry that if they feel they would make things worse, they don't have to get involved. Their conversation is interrupted by Cliff and Cyborg bringing in an unconscious Jane.

Larry, Vic and Rita enter the White Space.

Later that day, with Jane conscious and rapidly shifting between alters and Cliff and Vic trying to get information from her (read: being beaten up by Katy and Silver Tongue), Larry and Rita play Jenga in the garden. Larry comes to the conclusion that the donkey is a door, as does Vic. When Vic asks for someone to figure out the science behind the donkey, Larry scoffs. Vic examines the donkey's mouth, discovers the keyhole in its throat, and he and Larry ask Rita to examine it. At first she refuses, but after retreating into the house and seeing Jane (once again unconscious) she acquiesces.

Rita is squeezed into the Donkey by means of a funnel and a trash bag, with Vic and Larry keeping hold of her. When they lose their grip, Rita is swallowed, the two men following suit. The three find themselves in the White Space, where they are faced with a crucified Cloverton and three pedestals, each adorned with headphones and plaques dedicated to them. Larry's plaque reads 'BANDAGE GUY'. The three don the headphones, and are narrated by Mr. Nobody. They walk away from the 'town', and towards three canvases on a hill.

'Futility' is the emotion stirred in Larry by the canvas in front of him. Upon staring into it, he finds himself in the cockpit of his X-15, with Mr. Nobody urging him to grab the stick and drive the plane. Larry refuses until the plane falls into a nosedive, at which point he grabs hold of it with both hands, taking control of the plane and whooping. The scene cuts to Vic and then Rita, and when it returns to Larry he is high above Earth's atmosphere. Mr. Nobody claims to know what drives Larry, Larry responds "I wanted to be a hero." Mr. Nobody retaliates: "I know flying is just another word for fleeing." He shows Larry his wife, Sheryl, questioning him. He shows him John Bowers, asking him to make a choice between his family and his truth. Mr. Nobody continues to berate Larry for 'staying the course' and not making a decision, showing him John, face bubbling and burned. The plane falls into a nosedive again, crashing down to Earth as Mr. Nobody warns the team against looking for Caulder.

The Negative Spirit becomes the team's deus ex machina at this time, bursting forth from Larry and the cockpit and destroying the canvases for each of them, as well as those of the townsfolk. Upon exiting the donkey it explodes, covering the team with gore and staining Larry's bandages red.

Later that night, Larry re-enters his room, removing his bandages and writing the Spirit a Post-it: "we need some ground rules." The Spirit leaves his body and reads the note.[2]

Puppet Patrol[]

Larry awakens on a crossbeam in the laboratory, the Post-it he'd left the night before stuck to his bandaged cheek. This is the point in which the first half of 'the night before the accident' is shown.

After somehow making his way down from the beam, he joins the team for Vic’s morning briefing on Eric Morden, the man he identifies as Mr. Nobody and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. Vic reveals his plan to head to Paraguay, and they all board the bus.

Larry proceeds to backseat drive for Vic’s shift behind the wheel, and helps to pull Jane in from the window as she attempts to jump during Rita’s. When it is his own turn to drive the entire team (bar Rita, who had headphones in) is asleep. He takes this opportunity to chastise the Negative Spirit for ignoring his boundaries and putting him in danger. The Spirit’s response to this is to fly out of him, knocking him out momentarily and breaking the engine of the bus so that as Larry swerves to the side of the road, they are brought to a smoking stop.

Larry explains that the Spirit had been the one to cause the breakdown, referring to it using ‘him’ and ‘it’. He explains that they aren’t on ‘speaking terms’ and that he thinks the Spirit is trying to kill him. When Rita suggests that Larry does not have control over the Spirit, he angrily refutes that, saying that he does - that he will gain control.

The team heads to a motel further along the road. At the motel, Larry sits on a bench outside. Flashback again to ‘the night before the accident’ with Sheryl.

He is pulled out of contemplation by Jane using the vending machine beside him. He asks her how she keeps her ‘people’ in line, to which she explains that they aren’t hers, that she respects them and their right to exist. She suggests that - in simple terms - if Larry weren’t such an asshole to it, it wouldn’t behave the same way towards him.

In the hotel room, as the team watches a film, Larry shares a bed with Vic and Cliff. In the morning, after getting sick of waiting for Rita to finish in the bathroom, Flit takes it on herself to teleport to Paraguay with Cliff and Larry, leaving the other two behind. Larry is annoyed by this, bemoaning that without Vic, none of them know what they’re doing.

At a bus stop just metres up the road the three meet with Steve Larson (later to become Animal Vegetable Mineral Man) who, luckily for them, makes the assumption that they are seeking the same thing as him and mentions ‘the Morden’ within minutes of meeting. The three heroes board the bus with Steve and head to Fuchtopia.

Larry, Cliff, and Jane arrive in Paraguay.

At Fuchtopia, the group sits through an hours long puppet show about Heinrich von Fuchs, during which Larry falls asleep. He is awoken by Jane, however, when it is revealed that von Fuchs had been a Nazi scientist during WWII, and watches as it isrevealed that the Chief had stolen from von Fuchs while Mr. Nobody was created.

After the show, Larry and Cliff talk to one staff member as Jane attempts to pay for their ‘procedures’ with another. When they are informed that there is a problem with the payment, Larry excuses himself to go and ‘help’. He instead explores and finds the chamber in which Morden was transformed into Mr. Nobody.

Flashback to the hospital after Larry’s accident, when his wife left him. Larry decides to undergo the procedure himself and enters the machine. The room glows brightly around him and he finds himself in the White Space, where his bandages peel away to reveal himself, how he looked before his accident. The spirit leaves his body, leaving him conscious in front of it. Larry is free, he can leave the chamber and leave the Spirit behind.

Except the Spirit doesn’t allow him to. It blocks his exit, echoing his own words back to him as he demands it move. It laughs at him, tormenting. He confronts it for ruining his life and it retaliates by showing him John, telling him that he fucked it up. But before the conversation can go any further, Cliff breaks down the doors to the machine, bringing Larry back to the real world.

Larry doesn’t speak to anyone before they return to the mansion. On the jet on their way back, he thinks about turning John away after his accident.[10]

Cult Patrol/Paw Patrol[]

Larry awakes to find himself this time in front of a TV, where the Spirit has left playing a tape of one of his interviews with Niles. In the tape, Larry talks about meeting his wife in high school, and is asked about meeting John. Larry angrily turns the video off before his onscreen response.

In another meeting, Vic briefs the team - minus Rita - on dimensions. Larry goes along with the meeting, and when Rita confronts him afterwards about not standing up for her against Vic, he is unsympathetic. He explains to her that his involvement with the search for the Chief isn’t his decision, but instead is because it is what the Spirit wants. Their conversation is interrupted by Willoughby Kipling storming through the mansion in search of Caulder.

After Kipling and Baphomet's explanation of the Cult of the Unwritten Book, Larry agrees to join the mission, reluctantly entering Kipling’s portal along with Jane, Cliff and Cyborg to retrieve Elliot Patterson. He is given the task of watching over Elliot. He talks to the teenager, apologising to him about his parents, explaining to him that he himself isn’t a hero. He tells Elliot he’s lucky, that he has the chance to be true to himself. Elliot is angered and upset, and suggests that he may as well kill himself.

The Spirit exits Larry at this suggestion, opening the door and allowing Elliot to leave. With Elliot gone, it returns Larry to the position he’d been in when he awoke that morning, and resumes the video on the TV before reentering Larry’s body. Onscreen, Larry refuses to talk about John. When Caulder continues pushing, Larry becomes angrier and angrier.

Presently, Larry wakes again and rushes, panicked, into the other room to find Elliot gone. Frustrated, he asks the spirit if it wants the world to end. He goes to leave but, before he can, the spirit on TV exits his body to face Caulder.

Caulder places a device on the table between them that he says he thinks will allow them to communicate. From his wording, it is apparent that this is not the first time they have tried this. The Spirit enters the machine and Larry watches on as Caulder questions it. It does not answer, until Caulder asks how it sustains itself within Larry, to which it responds only “torture”. Before any other questions can be answered, the machine sparks and explodes. Larry rewinds the footage and watches the final answer again.

The scene cuts away, and when it returns to Larry he has just explained to Vic that Elliot is ‘missing’. Vic is angry, asking why Larry would let him go, and Larry explains that it was not his decision but the Spirit’s. When Rita and Elliot enter the room, Larry appears relieved to see him alive.

When the Dry Bachelors arrive, Larry is sent into the hall to fend them off. Vic briefly holds him back and asks if he can trust them - both Larry and the Spirit. Larry responds that the Spirit seems to love to fight, and leaves the room.

Larry is attacked in the hallway, where he tells the Spirit to ‘release’ and subsequently falls unconscious as it fights. After this fight, Larry exits the mansion with Rita and Vic and watches as the Eye appears in the sky above them.

Larry sees the Recreator being summoned.

As the town falls into chaos, Larry and Rita watch Vic try to get answers from Kipling. Kipling assures them that there’s nothing they can do at this point, the world will surely end. Larry briefly tries to stop Rita from leaving to find Elliot, but ends up offering his support in her effort as she goes.

Larry at this point tries to find out how long they have before the world is over from Kipling, though Kipling has no idea and is less than willing to help at this point.

It is at this point that the Chief returns to the mansion. Larry stands with Kipling, Rita and Cyborg and watches him search frantically through drawers in his office. Larry remarks, distrusting, about how Caulder can suddenly walk. He does not, at first, believe this to be their Chief, however when Caulder begins vomiting at the mention of Mr. Nobody’s name, he seems to change his mind. He listens as Caulder reveals his and Mr. Nobody’s plan, the Cult of the Recreator.

Larry looks for Nurnheim, intruding on Vic and Caulder mid-conversation. He explains that Kipling had sent Jane and Cliff on a search for Nurnheim’s gates, and the Chief picks up the snowglobe containing the city. Before anything is done about that, though, Kipling tells the group that the Rewritten Book has been found.

The group head to the book’s location in the bus and as Kipling, Rita and Vic enter the house to retrieve it, Larry remains with Caulder and confronts him about the video. He tells Caulder about the Spirit letting Elliot go. How he feels that the Spirit wants to hurt him, to punish him.

Caulder tells him that he didn’t think he was ready for the truth. “The spirit only feels tortured because you torture yourself.” Larry has a moment of introspection, he voices feeling that he tortures everyone around him, and that he always has. He no longer seems to connect with his name, and seems to feel as though his life ended in 1961. Caulder encourages him to communicate with the spirit, telling him that it is more sensitive than Larry realises. The two of them then watch as the Cult of the Recreator dances in the street beside their bus and are one by one destroyed by the Decreator.

They leave the bus as the rest of the team exit the house with the Rewritten Book (a small, black, one-eyed pug) and turn to see the bus disintegrate behind them. When Dr. Harrison rings the bell in Nurnheim, activating the book, Larry watches writing appear around the dog in Kipling’s arms which, once read, summons the Recreator (another eye) into the sky next to the Decreator. The Recreator restores everything that the Decreator had destroyed, and the two eyes have a staring contest.

Larry reenters the manor, along with the rest of the team, and prepares to fight Mr. Nobody as he recaptures the Chief. This fight does not take place, as Mr. Nobody freezes the team in place and taunts Vic into shooting his overcharged arm cannon into the group. Larry, along with everyone else, is thrown backwards, but he recovers almost immediately and rushes to help Vic with his destroyed arm, watching as Cliff forcibly presses a button in his neck that both fixes him and sends an S.O.S out to S.T.A.R labs and Vic’s father.

Later that night, after both Decreator and Recreator have blinked out of the sky, Larry has a brief nightmare. He sits up on his bed, finds Sheryl next to him, a hand over one of her eyes. When he pulls her hand away, the skin there is blistered and burned. He wakes up, finds himself alone, and curls up in the foetal position on his side.[11]

Doom Patrol Patrol[]

In the early hours of the next morning, Larry finds Rita sitting outside the manor on a bench, waiting for Elliot to return. He tells her he doesn’t think he’ll be coming back. The two of them join Jane, Cliff and Vic in the lab, where the others are looking at newspaper clippings of the original Doom Patrol.

Larry takes issue with the team following Mr. Nobody’s instructions in finding the team, as does Rita. Jane, though, refuses to allow them to stay out of the mission, stating that Rita will be their connection to the Doom Patrol, and Larry will be their backup. Before they can disagree, Flit teleports the three of them to the original Doom Patrol HQ.

While Jane and Rita argue, a ball of fire and another of ice shoot past them. Jane walks over to confront the two women responsible (Arani Desai and Rhea Jones), and Larry and Rita watch as she is attacked with another ball of fire, causing Sun Daddy to front to protect her.

The conflict is stopped when Josh Clay calls out to Jane, asking her where the Chief is. He then takes her and Larry into the building and explains its purpose as a school for metahumans. Larry recognises Clay, though Clay denies having met him before.

When Jane mentions that Caulder was kidnapped by Mr. Nobody, Arani recognises the name and seems concerned. Before she can explain how she knows Nobody, Clay interrupts, telling Jane that they need to talk and asking Arani to give Larry a tour.

Arani and Larry leave. She shows him around, pointing out extracurricular classrooms in the school as well as how quiet he is. As he replies to her, the building glitches around them. Arani blames it on the students, and then reveals that she is married to Caulder.

She invites Larry back into her room and describes her wedding to Niles as she cooks and he sits on the couch, examining a wedding photo of theirs. She tells him that Caulder is secretive, and reveals also that he has a daughter (though she does not name her).

She goes on to talk about their fight with Mr. Nobody, describing it at the same time as both Clay and Mento. Once she has finished her story, the door opens, and Caulder enters. Larry stands from his seat, shocked, and asks how he escaped Mr. Nobody. This Niles seems shocked to hear the name, and only refers to the ‘butt balloon’ from the story Arani told.

Larry swipes his arm at the space Niles occupies: it passes right through him like a hologram.

At this point, Rita’s conversation with Mento goes south, which has repercussions for the entire building. Larry finds himself in the real version of Arani’s room, walls covered in fireproofing and drawings of Caulder. When she exits the kitchen he sees her as she is; a much older woman.  

Arani is distressed and angered by her Niles’ sudden disappearance and places the blame on Larry, attacking him with balls of fire and ice. Larry flees and walks back down now dilapidated corridors, into a room where he is faced with Charles Forsythe. Forsythe raises his hands, revealing fingers tipped with syringes. The Spirit stirs in Larry’s chest as Forsythe speaks to him, and bursts out when Larry goes to run. It once again becomes the team’s saviour, heading down to where Rita and Mento are and removing Mento’s helmet, thus preventing his powers from being amplified. It hands the helmet to Rita and returns to Larry.

When the team have recovered from Mento’s illusions, Clay explains the reality of the situation to them. How the Doom Patrol had actually lost to Mr. Nobody, and how their loss left them scarred. How the entire school was an illusion. When the illusion is reinstated, the team leaves.

Back at the manor Larry digs out a patch embroidered with the Bureau of Normalcy’s logo. As he holds it, he thinks on Forsythe’s words earlier that day; asking if he and his ‘partner’ (the Spirit) were ready to continue their mission. The Spirit glows in his chest, and he slowly places a hand over it while he reassures it. He lies back on his bed and places his hand again over the space where the Spirit glows.12]

Therapy Patrol[]

Larry and the team in therapy.

The team sits in a debrief of the previous mission, with Cliff responding to the recount of Mr. Nobody’s effect on the Doom Patrol. The group appears despairing, and Cliff is on a tirade about how he believes they will not survive an attack of Mr. Nobody if they don’t ‘get their shit together’.

Larry’s morning, before this, begins at 8:55am. There is a flashback to his childhood, 1935, where his parents discuss his sexuality as he listens in from outside. He gets up and begins putting on his bandages, but stops at his head and decides to ‘take the day off’, going back to bed. He attempts to communicate with the Spirit, complaining that he has no idea what it is trying to tell him when it exits his body, transporting him into a dream world where he lies in the bed of a truck with John Bowers.

He yells into the sky how he does not want to relive his biggest mistake, to which John responds that things can happen differently this time. Larry disagrees and points out that the memory isn’t accurate. The truck is the wrong colour, the wrong song is on the radio, there should be a train passing on the nearby railway. The spirit reenters him, shocking him awake, and then exits again, throwing him back into the now visually corrected fantasy. When John tells him to live in this ‘stolen moment’, Larry points out another mistake: John would never say that, he did not want their relationship to be kept secret. Larry berates himself for his mistakes, saying that ‘memories shouldn’t change just because I want a happier ending’.

When the spirit enters him this time, Larry tells it it needs to learn to understand him. And on the third run of the memory he speaks directly to it, explaining how hard he found it living as a gay man during that time, existing with the period’s homophobia. John expresses pride at Larry admitting these things to himself, and the two share a moment in the sunset.

He wakes up again to the sound of Cliff and Vic fighting. He tells the Spirit that if it wants to be a hero it can deal with that and returns to his stolen moment with John. The Spirit joins Vic and Jane in the living room, where Cliff is hallucinating a fight with Bump Weathers. When Cliff is behaving manically but no longer hallucinating he suggests a group therapy session, which Larry joins in on.

During therapy, Larry attempts to speak for himself but is interrupted by Cliff ostensibly outing him, after which he speaks openly (albeit briefly) about John, the cycle of pain he feels trapped in with the spirit, and how he wishes to stop self-flagellating.

Also during therapy Jane reveals one of the Hangman’s Daughter’s paintings, depicting Vic surrounded by the team, all of them dead.

Larry watches as Cliff and Jane’s argument culminates in Jane leaving the house, and protects Rita as Cliff attacks them and Vic subdues him. They all watch as a rat climbs out of Cliff’s mouth: the cause of his behaviour.[4]

Danny Patrol[]

Larry has a nightmare. He is being wheeled down the corridors of the Bureau of Normalcy in a radiation-proof chamber by Charles Forsythe. He is knocked out by gas, and wakes up gasping. He once again pulls out the Bureau patch, now kept in a drawer at his bedside.

Downstairs, he meets Vic in the foyer, where he reassures him against taking Jane's painting to heart. The doorbell rings and both of them go outside to find a package waiting. Atop it is a note reading ‘help, Niles!’ and within it is a cake. The location of the store the cake is from is written as ‘Danny Street, Springfield, Ohio’ which Vic scans for but does not find.

Larry and Vic travel to Springfield to find Danny Street almost empty. Danny begins communicating with them, pointing them towards Peeping Tom’s Perpetual Cabaret. They are seated and watch the end of Maura Lee Karupt’s set. She introduces them to Danny and their citizens (Dannizens) and invites them to ask questions. They explain that Niles is missing, and Danny asks to talk outside instead.

Danny explains that they are on the run from the Bureau of Normalcy. This prompts a flashback to Larry being experimented on.

Larry explains the Bureau to Vic. Maura Lee joins them outside and tells them about Darren Jones’ botched mission to destroy Danny, and how during it, his partner joined Danny Street and became Maura Lee Karupt. She explains Jones’ obsession with Danny, and how Danny runs on the happiness of their citizens.

Larry and Vic butt heads. Vic wants to help, Larry does not. Larry reiterates that he is not a hero and suggests that maybe Mr. Nobody and Jane’s painting have some merit. Vic gives up trying to get him to stay. There is another flashback to Larry’s treatment at the hands of the Bureau, where Larry watches as the Spirit leaves him for the first time and kills a room full of people around him.

Larry returns to the Cabaret, where he is encouraged by the host to sing. In his head, Larry imagines taking to the stage, singing Kelly Clarkson’s People Like Us. The number is elaborate, he is joined on the stage by Maura Lee and pictures himself pre-accident singing along with her. This doesn’t happen. When he’s asked to sing he instead leaves the building, rejoining Vic.

Maura Lee joins them. She tells them she plans to rejoin the Bureau to get them off Danny’s scent. Larry protests this, telling her that she’s putting herself too much at risk by doing so. They are interrupted when Grid alerts Vic to a Bureau team closing in. Maura Lee tells Danny to jump to a new location as soon as she is clear of the street but Danny refuses.

Vic and Maura Lee plan to confront the agents and Larry reluctantly joins them. By the time Jones and his group arrive, the Denizens are standing in a line in the street. Maura Lee confronts Jones as the group looks on, leaving him in a heap on the floor. When Jones brings out a baton, Larry steps on his arm, pressing it into the ground. He threatens Jones, and when Jones retaliates, tells him to tell the Bureau that ‘Captain Trainor sends his best’, punching Jones in the face.

Larry spends the rest of the night on Danny in the Cabaret and when Danny jumps, leaving them at Doom Manor, he is midway through his own song. He complains lightly, and heads into the house.[7]

Jane Patrol[]

With Jane unconscious, Larry berates Rita for trying the same method over and over to bring her back, and Cliff for blaming himself for the situation. When Vic expresses a wish that they could get inside Jane’s head to figure out the problem, the Spirit comes out and Larry falls to the floor. The Spirit connects Cliff and Jane, allowing him to enter her subconscious. Larry remains unconscious for the entirety of the two episodes.

Frances Patrol[]

While unconscious, Larry finds himself in a motel room. He is joined by John and the two have sex. They share a drink and John asks Larry why they are in a motel he’s never been to. Larry tells him he’d wished to bring him there, and then tells John that he loves him. Before John can respond, the Spirit reenters Larry’s body, bringing him back to the real world.

In his room Larry pleads with the Spirit until leaves him again, sending him back into the dream. This time, though, he is in a bar. He finds John sat with a group of friends, and John introduces them. Larry, displaying discomfort, asks John if they can leave, but at John’s request he agrees to stay. He steps away for a moment and tells the Spirit to send them back to the motel, which it does not.

He spends a moment alone at the bar, drinking, until John pulls him in for a dance. They stand together in a corner. John explains that they are in the ‘heart of the happening’, telling him that in reality the bar hadn’t opened until 1979. Larry expresses a desire for privacy, asking to go back to the motel. John becomes frustrated at Larry’s perceived inability to be open about himself. As he angrily goes to leave the bar he reveals that he is in his ‘last days’.

He wakes to find that the Spirit has stuck Post-Its to the walls and door which, when he aligns them correctly, spell out ‘ERIE’.

Larry takes a taxi to John’s house. He rings the doorbell and is welcomed in by a woman who recognises him by his bandages. She leads him into John’s bedroom, where he is asleep in bed. As she does, she tells him that he’s been repeatedly mentioning Larry’s name.

Larry looks through the pictures in John’s room, picking one up. As he does, John wakes up and says his name.

Beckoning him over, John reaches out a hand which Larry takes. He explains that he’d thought his visions of Larry were dreams brought on by a fever. He also doesn’t question how Larry is alive, and seems grateful to just have him there.

Larry carries John out to the porch and John apologises for his words in the bar. Larry says the apology is unnecessary, as the words are what brought him here in the first place. John thanks Larry for coming.

Larry says goodbye to John.

Their conversation leads from Larry’s radiation to his family. He tells John about Sheryl’s passing, and that he hasn’t seen his sons since his accident. He apologises for sending John away. John tells him that while it wasn’t easy, he did get over Larry and moved on. Larry reiterates his love for John, and they both seem to cry (though it is unclear for Larry due to the bandages).

When John makes a joke about Larry not having had sex in 60 years, Larry tells him about the Spirit. He explains their ‘relationship’ as being non-traditional, and how he feels like he finally knows what it wants. John falls asleep as he says this. It is unclear as to whether John passes away at this time, though it is implied.

As Larry walks away from the house, he thanks the spirit.

Cyborg Patrol[]

With the discovery that Vic has been captured by the Bureau, Larry briefs the team on the Bureau’s history and his time with them. As he recounts his experiences he appears to become overwhelmed, turning away from the group.

Larry suggests they turn to Silas Stone for help retrieving Vic. The others are immediately opposed to this idea. Jane and Rita also explain that Vic does not currently have Grid within him to help him escape.

Although the team vetoes the idea of Silas helping, he shows up at the manor mid-meeting, tracking Grid’s location to find Vic. The team follows him to Vic’s room to find the computer Vic has loaded Grid onto.

Larry tells Silas that Vic is in the Ant Farm. He watches Silas dig through Vic’s dialogue with Grid and as he calls his contacts in high places. Silas says he has no way of retrieving Vic alone, so he asks the team to break into the Ant Farm with him.

Rita is the only one of them against this idea. She asks Larry if he’s willing to go back to save Vic, and Larry’s silence in answer tells her that he is. He asks Silas his plan.

As they enter the facility, Larry walks behind the others (Silas, Jane and Cliff, who has Rita hidden within himself). He takes a moment to reassure the Spirit, and joins them by the door. The team, dressed in Bureau uniform, steps into the elevator. Larry is wearing a black covering over his bandages and the uniform of a guard.

The elevator falls at uncomfortably high speed, with the group falling over and bumping into each other on the ride down. Larry appears incredibly nauseous by the time they reach their floor. He hangs back as the others enter the facility and once again reassures himself and the Spirit, hand on his chest.

When they are ambushed by Darren Jones and a group of agents, Larry asks the Spirit to fight, which it attempts to do. It is immediately captured and trapped by Jones.

Larry is taken to a room and cuffed to a chair, where he is met once again with Forsythe (now older). Forsythe shows him the trapped Spirit, encased in a see-through container. He tells Larry that while the agency has use for the Spirit, if they do not find use for him, he may not survive.

It is revealed that the team’s capture was a part of the plan. He is rescued by the others, and takes the still contained Spirit with him. In order to save everyone trapped in the facility, he lets the Spirit loose to destroy the system. They watch as Jones and his team are attacked by 'butts'. They move on to find Vic, cradling his father on the floor. Larry holds the team back.

Flex Patrol[]

As the team argues about how to get Silas to safety, the Spirit finds Flex Mentallo in his cell. It steals his remote, forcing him to chase it into the corridor, where Larry recognises him as 722 (his room number). The Spirit does not reenter Larry’s body at this point.

Flit teleports the group back to the manor. Once she has teleported Vic, Silas and Rita to the hospital, Jane rejoins them. Jane and Larry are not pleased with how their mission went, and do not join Cliff in celebrating. It becomes clear that Flex does not remember who he is.

Larry excuses himself to lie down, and the Spirit follows. He spends the walk to his room coughing. He clearly does not want the Spirit with him, but it remains regardless. When he sits down it touches his face, sending him into a memory of the Ant Farm, 1964. The Spirit is tortured out of Larry’s body and, upon its exit, the agent in the room with them pulls a gun on Larry. It is subdued by this, evidently not wanting Larry killed.

Larry is returned to his room, next to Flex’s. He learns that Flex can hear the Spirit. Flex offers to help the Spirit, but is tortured by agents before he can. The Bureau performs further tests on how long the Spirit can remain outside of Larry’s body. It lasts five hours before it appears that it is dying.

Back in the cell, Larry refuses to leave with Flex. He is afraid of the harm he will cause if his suit is damaged. The Spirit leaves Larry to watch as Flex’s wife is threatened on TV the next room over. Flex can no longer save them.

Back to the present, Larry blames himself for the Spirit’s torture. He realises that Dolores is the key to Flex remembering who he is.

Flit teleports Dolores to them and the group watches as both Flex and Dolores regain their memories, just moments before Dolores turns to ash in Flex’s arms.

Larry begins to cough up blood into his bandages. He comes to the conclusion that he is dying: the Spirit was the only thing keeping him alive. Cliff tells it to reenter him, but Larry refuses. He tells it to leave, that it gets to live its life now.

It flies out, above the manor, but stops. It waits there a moment, and then flies back inside. It returns to Larry, bringing him back from the brink of death. At this point Rita returns to the house, announcing that she knows how to find Niles.

Penultimate Patrol[]

The team (minus Vic but with the addition of Flex) head out to find the Beard Hunter, who was searching for Niles and has apparently been in one spot for over a week. Larry, in the back of the bus, apologises to Flex for Dolores’ death. Flex blames himself, but Larry blames the Bureau. He promises Flex vengeance after they rescue the Chief.

They arrive at a street in the middle of nowhere: Danny, once again. Larry explains who Danny is, and says that the team will love them. The bus pulls to a stop outside Peeping Tom’s and the group get out. Danny is excited to see Larry and he introduces them to everyone bar Flex, who already knows the street.

As Danny comforts Flex over Dolores’ death, Rita spots the beard hunter. Larry remains with Flex as the others confront him. As Hammerhead threatens the hunter, Danny reveals that they know where Niles is. Larry asks why they didn’t tell him the last time he was there, and Danny says that they were afraid of Mr. Nobody. Danny tells them that Caulder is in the White Space.

Flex tells them he has a flex to get them into the Space, and has them stare at a comic book. When Flex flexes the first time, things… don’t exactly go to plan. Instead of sending the four into the white space, he causes everyone on Danny Street, including Danny themself (but minus Cliff and Flex), to orgasm simultaneously. Larry falls to his knees on the ground.

When Flex retries, they are sent into the White Space. Larry finds himself sitting at dinner with Sheryl and his children, holding a newspaper, free of his bandages. It is the day of his flight. As Larry hugs one of his sons, Mr. Nobody promises him he can have the life he’s dreamed of. So long as he stops looking for Caulder. As Larry washes dishes Mr Nobody makes fun of him for taking so long to come out. Larry asks Sheryl what will happen with them after his flight, but she doesn’t seem to know how to answer.

When she leaves, he speaks out loud to Mr. Nobody, saying that that was not the day he ruined his family, it had been ruined before that point. When Mr. Nobody tells him this is his opportunity to be with John, Larry refuses, saying that John has already lived his life so Larry should too.

He walks out into the White Space, re-bandaged but alone. Rita begins narrating, telling the story of how she found her friends, and both Cliff and Larry join her. They see the Chief and run to meet him. When Mr. Nobody appears, Larry and the team watch as Dr. Harrison confronts him. They watch as he is berated by the vision of his ex-wife, and all decide that he is too sad to fight. As he gears up to attack them anyway, Cyborg hits him from behind with his arm-cannon.

Back in the manor, and in colour coordinated outfits reminiscent of the original Doom Patrol, the team ready for a briefing. Larry has made pancakes and bacon for them all.

At an alarm, they head out to fight a giant robot, but are killed by its laser eyes as Caulder watches. The morning repeats, with the robot crushing them underfoot this time. Another repeat; killed by missiles. They die again and again, Caulder watching each time.

Finally, Caulder stops them from leaving the house. He explains that Mr. Nobody is torturing them, killing them repeatedly. The team doesn’t seem to remember this, Larry tells him that they killed Nobody a year ago. Enter Vic - the real Vic, this time.

The fake Cyborg reveals himself as Mr. Nobody and snaps them all back into the White Space. Mr. Nobody tells them that they can’t beat him. He tells Caulder to tell the team the truth.

Ezekiel Patrol[]

The Chief reveals that the ‘tragedies’ they all went through weren’t accidental. For Larry, this means that Caulder and his team at the Ant Farm planned for his flight to intercept the ‘anomaly’ in space, thus exposing him to the spirit. Caulder planned for Forsythe to get a hold of him, planned for Larry to be tortured and kept contained. He planned for it all.

After this reveal, Larry and Rita move out of the manor and into a house together. He sleeps on the couch. He does not seem pleased with how things are going. They spend six months living here, with Rita as a Drama teacher and Larry practising exercises with the Negative Spirit; testing the limits in how long it can exist outside of him. He seems able to maintain consciousness for 20 seconds before passing out.

The next day Larry seems more chipper, he whistles his way into the kitchen, where Rita lies asleep at the table. Rita is upset about how her students have treated her and complains as Larry waters his plants.

They hear singing, but do not see the source, so they decide to follow it - though Larry is reluctant to do so. They both take electric scooters (a very… normal choice of transport) and find themselves back at Doom Manor.

Meeting Caulder in the living room, they discover that Danny has been trapped. Caulder implores them to help him rescue Danny, and tells them about Dorothy Spinner. He explains that both she and Danny are trapped in the painting sitting on an easel in front of him.

Rita and Jane agree to Rescue Dorothy and Danny, and Larry goes along with Rita though he doesn’t seem pleased about it. They stare at the painting until they find themselves inside of it, on a dusty Danny Street.

Ezekiel bares down on them, and they follow a fleeing Mr. Nobody into Peeping Tom’s, where they find the Beard Hunter, who explains that he sold Dorothy out to Mr. Nobody for bags of beards.

Mr. Nobody explains that Dorothy made Ezekiel and Mr Whiskers giant, and that he can’t fight them after trapping Danny in the painting. Vic comes up with a plan, which involves the team being eaten by Ezekiel as Larry and the Spirit form a portal to help them escape from the painting.

Larry goes to touch the portal bare handed, but realises that Cliff is inside of the rat, not the cockroach. Mr. Nobody narrates a romance between the two so that Cliff can hop from the mouth of one into the other as they kiss. Larry presses his hands into the portal, and they are freed, leaving only Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter behind.

They are left with one final problem: Larry is the only one of them returned to the world at a regular size, the rest of the team have returned in miniature.

Season 2[]

Separation from the team[]

After the Chief reveals the truth he and Rita moved in together and Larry practiced with the Negative Spirit.

Reuniting with his living son[]

Larry is reunited with his son.

While everyone else is busy dealing with Jonathan Tyme, he attends the funeral for Gary, one of his sons. Eventually, he decides to speak to his only living son, who eventually invites him back to his late son’s home. While there Larry sees the reminders of a life consumed by conspiracy theories. His son Gary believed him to be alive and followed numerous rumors and plotlines in an effort to prove it until ultimately his own anguish caused him to commit suicide. While Larry was moping around for fifty years, his children lived and were inadvertently hurt by his selfish actions to not see them again after the accident. However, just as Larry is heading back from the funeral he sees a whole group of butterflies courtesy of the villain Red Jack.[9]

Sometime later, while talking with Rita and Dorothy, a bunch of butterflies show up at the manor with an "invitation" for Niles from Red Jack and one of Larry's bandages. Niles convinces Rita to go with him and tells her if they get separated to follow the butterflies. In Red Jack's palace, Larry is suspended by chains, his bandages begin to unravel, which exposes those in the room with him to his radiation. Rita finds Larry and as Red Jack begins to turn them all into butterflies for his collection. She risks herself, exposing herself to his radiation to save him by using her powers. Niles kills Red Jack before he can fully transform them. While Rita and Larry free the butterflies who were all Red Jack's victims. Once they are back at the manor, Rita tells Larry that lost causes aren't lost if there's someone to fight for them and that right now she's fighting for him.[8]

In Indiana, Paul reveals to Larry that his late wife is the one who got Gary into conspiracy theories about him. While Paul is packing up his recently deceased brother’s belongings, Larry decides to come clean about him being gay and in love with John. He explains that his wife Sheryl knew about it, but he never gave her an out. Paul eventually tells Larry about how Cheryl was a wreck after Larry was presumed dead. She eventually moved on, but one of the men in her life told her about how Larry was likely alive and just part of a government cover-up. Sheryl became obsessed with conspiracy theories and even got Gary into it. Paul instead got out and tried to be a hero.

Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that Paul doesn’t believe Larry belongs in society and calls the Bureau of Normalcy to come get his father. As soon as Larry is surrounded, he sends the Negative Spirit to attack. This leads the trigger-happy SWAT team to fire. Rita is able to protect Toby, but Paul’s son is hit. An angry Paul tells Larry he has brought nothing but trouble to his family, Paul pretty much disowns his father as Rita and Larry attempt to escape.

Valentina Vostok[]

Eventually, he meets Valentina Vostok, who explains that she also has a Negative Spirit within her. Larry learns that she also was horribly irradiated with her experience with the Negative Spirit but learned to live harmoniously with her Spirit and thus contain the radiation. All of which only took her five years to accomplish such a feat.

Scant invasion[]

Larry talks to the Scants.

He meets Roni, Vic's girlfriend, and they find a package that says not to open and a pink gas comes out that infects them with Scant gas and Larry and Flit go to the hospital pretending to be doctors so that Larry can see his grandson and the two times they go they are almost caught by Bureau of Normalcy. Then Kipling gives them a video that it is a scant and tells them that the scants are in the painting, and they see it and discover that the only way to stop the gas and the scants is to kill the queen and Larry Vic, Miranda and Roni travel to the painting and they see Beard Hunter again and discover that Mr. Nobody is not there because he went to a television program and Larry, Vic, Miranda and Roni are captured by the Scants.

Larry, Vic, Roni, and Miranda see the Scant Queen.

When they arrive at Scant Queen's lair they find Kipling who also allowed himself to be captured and the Queen speaks to everyone about her truths while harvesting her uma jelly but when she looks at Larry she speaks specifically to the negative spirit and Miranda with the powers of the Other personalities kill the Queen and the other Scants free them all. Then Larry goes personally to the hospital to see his grandson and sees that he is gone, and they took him to a more serious hospital.

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Fightning The Candlemaker[]

Larry and the team arrive at the fair.

Larry and Miranda helped Cliff choose his clothes to go to Clara's wedding. When they were going to say goodbye to Cliff, Herschel appeared to ask for their help to help stop Candlemaker and Larry immediately accepted as did the others. Larry and the rest of the team convinced Cliff to join them to save Dorothy. Upon arriving at the fair, Larry and the others saw Kipling beaten up and discovered that Candlemaker would use his imaginary friends against them.

Larry sees Niles dead.

Larry tried to save Kipling from his imaginary friend, but it was too late. The team split up to find Niles faster and Larry said it would be fine as he never had an imaginary friend and Cliff found that sad. While looking for Niles, Larry saw Kipling turned into wax and was shocked to see his eyes causing him to fall to the ground, this caused Candlemaker to turn Larry into wax.[10] Shortly after Dorothy calmed Candlemaker, Larry and the others stopped being wax. Larry hugged Rita and together with Vic they found Niles dead and watched as Dorothy came riding to Candlemaker and Larry, Rita and Vic mourned the death of Niles.

Season 3[]

Space travel[]

A week later, Larry made sandwiches for Rita when she goes to Cloverton. Larry befriended Dorothy to try to motivate her to overcome her father's death. Larry and Dorothy shared a hug. Larry argued with the Spirit, who wanted to go on a space trip to show him something like Valentina said, but Larry refused to go to space as he could not abandon Rita. Larry, Vic, Rita, Cliff, and Dorothy went to save Jane and they all shared a hug after Jane returned to normal. Larry then spoke to Rita, who finally convinced him to go into space. Larry and the Spirit withdrew from the manor and went into space.

Larry travels to the Negative Nebula.

Larry arrived at the Negative Nebula, which was the home of the Spirit. Upon entering, Larry had his normal body and he found the same, but as he was after the accident. Larry returned to his form after the accident and returned to Earth, but realized that the Spirit remained in his home. Larry was left alone in the manor while he looked at the sky, thinking about his friend.

Reviving his friends[]

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Powers and abilities[]


  • Metahuman physiology: Larry Trainor was "accidentally" sent into a field of cosmic radiation while testing an experimental jet in the stratosphere. When he crash landed back on earth his physiology had changed permanently and requires the Chief's bandages to protect those around him from his radiation.[5]
    • Radiation production: Larry has the ability to release the Negative Spirit, a being composed of an as of yet unidentifiable form of radioactive energy. The being has it's own free will, and can come out at any time it pleases, though this is evidently easier when Larry is under stress. While the being is out, Larry goes unconscious, his mind inhabiting a dream world created by the Negative Spirit.[5]
    • Flight: The Negative Spirit can fly at an unknown speed.
    • Dimensional warping: The Negative Spirit inside Larry was able to transport and take Larry and company between the White Space and an hallucinatory dimensions created by Mr. Nobody, before also taking them and the town of Cloverton back to the normal world.[2]
    • Delayed aging: Larry's powers seem to have granted him some degree of slowed aging as he possesses the same body fifty years later as he did when the accident occured with no sign of change.
    • Possession: The Negative Spirit can take possession of both people and objects. Obviously, it took possession of Larry Trainor but, it was also able to possess a device built by Niles Caulder. This device was designed to allow the entity to communicate with humans but, the machine was overloaded by its power and the spirit was enjected back into Larry.
    • Mind melding: The Spirit was able to connect Cliff Steele and Jane’s minds together. This allowed Cliff to enter her mind, to interact with her alters and help her, after she had fallen into a deep coma.
    • Phasing: The Negative Spirit can phase through solid matter such as walls and people.
    • Temperature immunity: Larry is shown to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -100 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

With Keeg[]

  • Flight: Keeg Bovo can fly at an unknown speed.


  • Expert pilot: Larry was once one of the top pilots in the U.S. Air Force. He was chosen to fly the most advanced and most experimental jets and planes.


  • Power instability: Larry is not able to control when the Negative Spirit comes out, and when it does, it leaves his body unconscious, while his mind is forced into a vision created by the spirit. While this vision is typically torturous, it doesn't have to be, as the Negative Spirit does sometimes try to make it pleasant for Larry.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


Concept art[]

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Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Larry is 91 or 92 years old, as it is mentioned in a video recording in "Cult Patrol" that Larry graduated from high school in 1946, and since graduation age is 17 or 18 in America, meaning that Larry was born in 1927 or 1928.
  • Larry grew up in North Dakota.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Larry Trainor is a former test pilot for the Air Force, and a member of the Doom Patrol known as "Negative Man".


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