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"We're going to save the world, or whatever, and then I will have a stiff Manhattan and go to bed."
—Rita Farr[src]

Rita Farr (born Gertrude Cramp) (b. circa 1920s)[3] is a former actress and Hollywood starlet, who was exposed to a toxic gas by Niles Caulder as part of the Immortus Initiative. Said gas altered her cellular structure - which allows her to stretch her body, but also causes it to deform. She was eventually collected by Caulder to live with others in his house.

When Caulder was kidnapped by Mr. Nobody, Rita joined the other patients on a mission to find him. During the mission, Rita learned to control her powers and become a better person. When they confronted Nobody, she and the others found out that Niles was responsible for their accidents, causing the team to break up, but they were reunited to save Niles' daughter Dorothy Spinner, but by saving her, Rita and the team were left in miniature.

Returning to her normal size, Rita began trying to be an actress again and became a hero called the Beekeeper. Rita learned about her powers. She and the others went to a fair to save Niles and Dorothy, but were defeated by Candlemaker.

To be relevant, Rita tried her best after seeing herself and meeting Laura De Mille. She stole the time machine and made friends with the Sisterhood of Dada until Laura killed her boyfriend, Malcolm DuPont, for which she helped the Sisterhood cause the Eternal Flagellation, and had a hatred did Laura, aka Madame Rouge. After saving Cloverton, Rita and her friends decided to become the new Doom Patrol.


Early life[]

Rita was born Gertrude Cramp in the early 1920s to Addie Cramp and Vance Cramp. In Burbank during the year 1931, a young Rita watches her mother get ready as a major movie executive is coming to visit.

Rita was inspired by her mother because she was a great actress so she made a drawing on paper and glued her mother's eyes from a magazine and called her Roxy and Rita made Roxy as an imaginary friend.[4]

Rita is eager to get a part in a movie, but her mother sends her to bed. All while implying that Rita isn't pretty. She later sees her mother having sex with the aforementioned movie executive, much to her devastation.

Living at Doom Manor[]

Renowned actress Rita Farr[]

"I was a belly dancer, an SEO spy, the queen of Muscle Beach. I used to be Rita Farr, star of stage and screen. Now I don't know how I am."
—Rita Farr[src]

At some point in time, Rita was a renowned actress. She was kept in a mental health facility for decades after a toxic gas left her cells unstable. She was eventually rescued by Caulder.

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In the 1950s, Gertrude Cramp worked as a actress under the stage name "Rita Farr". While on the set of Forbidden Congo, she made a fuss to the first assistant director Charles regarding an amputee crew member. They resumed filming after he was replaced, but as she walked down a gangway, Rita fell through it and into the water. Taking a moment to find her surroundings, Rita was exposed to a gas underwater. She was saved by a crew member, who took her ashore. When she prompted a lady for a towel, everyone stayed back, before giving her a mirror to show her the pockmarks that were appearing on her face, and soon the rest of her body. She eventually went into hiding, finding a home at Doom Manor thanks to Dr. Niles Caulder.[5]

Meeting Larry Trainor[]

In the 1960s, Rita met a new tenant brought in by Niles, Larry Trainor. Rita welcomed him into her room and watched as Larry put on his bandages to keep people out of harm's way. Rita spoke to him and showed Larry her powers, which made his face melt. Soon after, Rita was supported by Larry and the two began a decades-long friendship.[6] Later in 1976, Rita, Niles, and Larry celebrated the new year.[7]

Meeting Cliff Steele[]

After Cliff Steele came to the Manor, Rita assured him that Dr. Caulder meant well, and to give him a chance. She continued to encourage Cliff as he learnt to walk again, having suffered an accident that rendered him with no body and only a brain. In 2019, when the Chief went away on a trip, the group was coerced into going into town by Crazy Jane. While in town, Rita opted to go to a diner. She ordered some food, before she was enraptured by a story by the waitress, who unknowingly recognized her as Rita Farr. The woman spoke of her fond childhood memories of watching Rita's films, but soon began to claim that Rita started doing pornography. Shocked, Rita began to get emotional, one half of her face drooping and her leg blobbing up. She paid her bill, before attempting to leave.[5]

Search for the Chief[]

Rita, Larry, Cliff and Jane see the donkey.

However, before she could reach the door, Rita turned into a gelatinous mass. Blinded by emotion, she moved on down the street, only finally stopped by Cliff, who pulled up some road. They returned to the mansion, and the Chief eventually, scolding them for their recklessness. Explaining that enemies would soon target them, all but Cliff chose to leave, instead staying to protect the locals. However, the rest soon acquiesced and joined Cliff, staring down a rather odd albino donkey.[5]

Rita in the White Space.

A portal began to open up, swallowing the town, along with Jane and the bus. She scolded Cliff for his part in the events, before they headed back to the Manor. The following morning, Rita went around the house and did some cleaning. Listening to some news reports, she started to droop, but calmed herself down. She headed to Larry's room, using some bandages to cover her hand up. Larry arrived home, much to her surprise, and he admitted to having run away from her during her prior outburst, for which she forgave him. They headed downstairs, where they ran into Cliff and Cyborg bringing in an unconscious Jane. They acquainted themselves with Vic, before Rita returned to her room. Jane began to wreak havoc, and so Larry went to Rita's room, suggesting they get some air. While they appreciated the sunshine, Vic examined the albino donkey, noticing its throat to be a keyhole, potentially leading to somewhere. Rita initially refused to help, but soon gave in. As they fed her into the mouth, she began poking amorphous eye into the hole. She slowly began to slip from the garbage bag she was in, falling right through. She found herself transported to an alternate dimension, shortly followed by Vic and Larry. They discovered headphones marked for them from "Nobody", and they put them on, hearing him narrating all of their actions. They were suddenly transported to dream-like worlds, Rita once again a celebrated film star. She initially played along, but eventually broke character, being torturously reminded by the disembodied voice of her past involving a baby in a stroller. Rita and company were promptly rescued by the Negative Spirit, who transported them and the entire town of Cloverton back to the real world. Before she went to bed, Rita was stopped by Vic, who complimented her on being a star, to which she took high praise, before instructing him to the guest room.[2]

Rita argues with Vic.

Rita was present at the team meeting, and they discovered that Mr. Nobody is called Eric Morden, a former member of the Brotherhood of Evil, and the last time he was seen was in Paraguay with the donkey. Determined, Rita and the team made a road trip to Paraguay, but could not get there because the bus broke down. The next morning, Rita was still in the hotel trying to control her power, but when she left she saw that she and Vic were left alone, since Jane, Cliff, and Larry went to Paraguay. While resting, Rita spoke with Vic, but he revealed that she could not be useful during the mission, which made Rita angry and she was enraged at Vic because they are not superheroes. In the evening, Rita and Vic sorted things out and she encouraged him to try things right without the help of his father. When the rest of the team returned, Rita took Niles's puppet and they all returned to the manor in a jet of S.T.A.R. Labs.[8]

The Decreator[]

While the team was in a meeting, Rita came in and got upset that Vic didn't include her in the meeting. After an argument with Larry, Rita and the others met Willoughby Kipling, a sorcerer and friend of Niles, who came to ask for their help in stopping the Cult of the Unwritten Book. After the team saved Elliot Patterson, who was the unwritten book, Rita didn't want to help stop the Decreator.

Rita stops Elliot from committing suicide.

Rita saw that Elliot was going to commit suicide, so she avoided him and convinced him to continue living so she could save the world. Rita and Elliot accidentally broke the protection rosary, preventing the cult from detecting it, so quickly, she and Elliot tried to fix it. When Kipling was going to assassinate Elliot, Rita used her powers to stretch her arm to avoid him. Rita watched as Elliot was kidnapped by the Little Sisters of our Lady the Razor. As they left the manor, Rita, Larry, Vic, and Kipling saw the Decreator being summoned.[9]

Angry, Rita and the others threatened Kipling to find out how to stop the Decreator, but it was impossible. On leaving, Rita found Elliot and she talked to him about everything that is happening with the Decreator. Rita gave him some advice to move on and decided that she would help him, and they would both have fun together as mother and son, but quickly, Elliot was killed by the Decreator, which made Rita cry for the loss of the teenager. Seeing that Niles returned, Rita and the team learned that he made a temporary alliance with Nobody.

Rita sees the Recreator being summoned.

Rita watched as Baphomet was summoned again by Niles and Kipling to discover the location of the Recreator in order to defeat the Decreator. Rita, Vic, and Kipling searched for a boy who might be the rewritten book, but it wasn't until they found a mysterious pug, that it turned out to be the rewritten book. Rita, Vic, Larry, and Niles watched as Kipling summoned the Recreator to end the Decreator and revive all the people who died. Upon returning to the manor, Rita found out from Niles that Elliot could still be alive, so she left the place to go find him, but this was a trick from Niles because he would be kidnapped by Nobody again. Rita was still outside the manor waiting for Elliot to come back.[10]

Controlling their powers[]

Soon after, Rita found out that Jane was looking for the Doom Patrol, so she revealed to Jane that she had an affair with the leader, Steve Dayton. Rita, Larry, and Jane were taken by Flit to the base of the original Doom Patrol. While exploring the school, Rita was reunited with Steve and the two began to remember their relationship as a couple. Rita saw the trophies that the Doom Patrol obtained from their battles such as the container that contained the brain of the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil, Ultimax. Rita heard the story of how the Doom Patrol defeated Mr. Nobody, but she was surprised and commented that Nobody returned.

Rita thanks Steve for all his help.

Rita began to see strange things and saw hallucinations from her past of how her rival, Marybeth, committed suicide, and she got a role in the movie that Marybeth was going to star in. After calming down the Doom Patrol, Rita learned from Joshua Clay that Niles left the team due to being defeated by Nobody and that broke the Doom Patrol for failing, leading them to create a false reality created by Steve. Before leaving, Rita thanked Steve for all the help he gave her and forgave him for everything that happened before kissing him goodbye. In the evening, Rita saw old photos of her as an actress.

Rita and the team in therapy.

When Vic called her for a team meeting, Rita woke up to go, but she still remembered everything that happened in the Doom Patrol manor, which made Rita start to melt. Unable to walk, Rita used Niles' wheelchair. Rita and the others agreed to group therapy organized by Cliff. During the therapy, Rita confessed all her problems since the kidnapping of Niles and managed to overcome her fears in order to have her normal legs. After Cliff freaked out, Rita, Vic, and Larry discovered that Cliff's attitude was caused by a rat inside his nutrient tank.

When Cliff found out that Jane was with a certain Doug, Rita realized that Karen, Jane's romantic personality, took control of the body, and the duo decided to go find her. Upon arriving at Doug's house, Rita came in to convince Karen to avoid marrying Doug. Rita was manipulated by Karen and agreed for her to marry Doug. The wedding was interrupted by Cliff, who disagreed. Rita was released from Karen's control and watched as she fainted back to being Jane, but Jane did not react.[11] Upon returning to the manor, Rita and Cliff took Jane to the lab to try to help her and they found Larry and Vic. Rita was trying to wake Jane up without success.[12]

Helping Victor[]

While Cliff was in the mind of Jane and Larry unconscious, Rita and Vic began to investigate the comic that Danny the Street gave Vic. Rita realized that in a box of cereal she had seen an image similar to the person from the comic, which was the beach superhero, Flex Mentallo. Rita and Vic found a guy passed out in the manor and interrogated him to find out that he is the Beard Hunter, who had the power to eat facial hair to know people's history and was coming to find Niles.

Rita reveals to Vic that she put a tracker on Beard Hunter.

Rita tried to convince Vic to use the Beard Hunter to find the Chief and Vic agreed. When they returned, she and Vic saw the Beard Hunter escape, so they tried to confront him, but failed to defeat him. When Vic was badly injured, Rita pulled the Beard Hunter out of the manor. Rita revealed to Vic that she put a tracker on the Beard Hunter to track him down and find out where Niles is to Vic's surprise. When everyone woke up they saw that the lab was destroyed and Rita and Vic revealed that it was a long story.

Accepting herself[]

Rita yells at Cliff to leave the lake.

Rita was called by Jane for a team reunion. She and Cliff were the only ones who came to the reunion. Rita saw that Cliff wanted to go to Florida to see his daughter, so Flit transported Rita and Cliff to Florida. Rita began to hang out with the townspeople and learned that Cliff wanted to go after the lizard responsible for the death of Bump Weathers, Frances, to retrieve the golden watch he gave to Clara. Rita decided to help Cliff, but since there was no sign of Frances, Rita wanted to leave. Finally, Rita decided to withdraw.

Rita and the team learned from Jane that Vic was kidnapped by the Bureau of Normalcy. When Vic's father Silas Stone arrived, Rita and the team revealed that Vic was kidnapped, so they made a plan to infiltrate the bureau to save their friend. As part of the plan, Rita massively transformed to be inside Cliff and then freed herself and help the rest of the team escape. Rita and the others decided to free all the prisoners and had an encounter with the agent Darren Jones. She and the rest of the team managed to avoid the Were-Butts attack.

Rita and the others found Vic crying with Silas badly injured and found the prisoner "722" and Rita found out that he was Flex Mentallo, so they teamed up with Flit to escape the bureau including Flex. Rita was taken to the hospital with Vic to give Silas medical attention. Rita spoke with Vic to convince him to come back, but Vic decided to leave the team since he could kill them all because of Nobody. Rita gave Vic the Grid chip to get his technology back.

Rita overcomes her past.

Rita came across a hospital patient, who was actually Nobody in disguise, and Rita talked to him about her kept feelings and her past and was supported by her elderly friend to move on, something that Rita accepted. Prepared, Rita retired from the hospital to return to the manor and join the rest of the team to find the Beard Hunter to finally find Niles.

Journey to White Space[]

Rita and the team traveled to Danny to find the Beard Hunter, but it was useless as the Beard Hunter did not know where Niles was. Thanks to Danny, the team discovered that Niles is in White Space and Flex could help them. Rita and the others tried to get in, but Flex accidentally caused everyone except Cliff to have an orgasm.

Rita, Cliff, Larry, and Niles meet up with Nobody.

Rita and the team managed to enter successfully, but Nobody tried to convince them to stay in the moments before their accidents, but they all rejected the offer and she managed to steal the narration from Nobody in order to enter the White Space. Rita, Cliff, and Larry managed to find Niles, but first they had to defeat Nobody until Dr. Harrison showed up to reveal that Nobody has a breakup problem, and they realized that Nobody was just like them and Rita and the team. They tried to convince them to join them, but he did not accept. After Vic showed up to kill Nobody, Rita and the team were happy to learn that they finally saved Niles, and they all returned to manor.


A year later, Rita and the team finally became the new Doom Patrol and upon learning that the Brotherhood of Evil was attacking the city, she and the others went to fight. The team encountered a giant robot, but they were quickly killed. They died over and over and over again, but this was the work of Nobody, who was still alive and torturing Niles until the replay ended when Niles realized it all.

Rita and the team discover that Niles was responsible for their accidents.

Rita and the team found out that the Vic that was with them was fake because the real Vic showed up, and they all discovered Nobody alive and he sent them back to White Space. Nodody revealed to them that they never left White Space. Rita and the team realized that the only way to be free was if Niles told the truth, but they all convinced the Chief to tell it, so Niles revealed that he was responsible for all their accidents, which caused Rita and the others will be angry with him. Rita and the others were sent by Nobody back to the real world.

Separation from the team[]

After the Chief reveals the truth, she and Larry moved in together. Rita opened an acting school, but all of her students disrespected her.

Saving Danny and Dorothy[]

Rita and the team travel to the painting.

Hearing a strange song, Rita and Larry used scooters to follow it and met Cliff, Jane, and Vic in the manor. When everyone returned to the manor, Rita and the team discovered that Niles asked for their help to enter a magic painting, which Nobody used to lock up Danny and Niles' daughter. Despite their hatred for Niles, Rita and the team accepted the mission just to save Danny and Niles' daughter. Upon entering the painting, Rita and the team encountered a giant cockroach named Ezekiel devastating Danny. Rita and the team searched for Nobody and the Beard Hunter and discovered that Niles' daughter was responsible for making Ezekiel a giant.

Determined, Rita accepted Vic's plan, which was to enter Ezekiel with Niles's daughter to avoid the radioactive explosion that Larry would do to get everyone out of the painting. Rita spoke with Nobody and managed to convince him to resume his narration to become a legend. She went out to confront Ezekiel and as part of the plan, Rita was swallowed by the cockroach. After the radioactive explosion that knocked everyone out of the painting, Rita and the team left Ezekiel to meet Dorothy, Niles' daughter, but they all realized that they were now in tiny size while Larry was the only one in. their normal size and were taken to the manor along with Danny, who was a brick, to try to fix the situation.

Back to normal[]

Rita, Vic, Jane, Niles, and Cliff in miniature.

While in miniature size, Rita tried to control her powers with Vic to become a hero. Rita was trying to convince Niles to ask Kipling for help to get back to normal, but Niles didn't want to call him. When Dorothy disappeared, Rita and the team went looking for her, but saw that Vic had headaches from seeing the painting that had Nobody and the Beard Hunter locked away, but Rita managed to calm him down. Soon after, Rita and the team returned to normal size thanks to Kipling. In the evening, Rita managed to learn to stretch her arms again and went quickly to tell Vic about her achievements, but noticed that Vic was gone.[13]

During breakfast, Rita and Dorothy learned that Niles was dying. She, Jane, and Cliff spoke to Niles to find out what was happening and she was worried that Niles was dying and if he died, they would have to take care of Dorothy. Rita talked to Niles about the Continuinium, a material capable of delaying time, so Rita convinced him to seek out Dr. Jonathan Tyme to get the material. Rita explained to Cliff and Jane the plan to find Dr. Tyme.

Rita, Jane, and Cliff enter Dr. Tyme's dimension.

Rita, Cliff, and Jane successfully managed to enter Tyme's dimension and she was surprised to learn that Tyme was a fan of her movies. She danced with Tyme, but when Cliff and Jane ruined the party, Rita used her powers to remove Tyme's helmet, but accidentally killed him due to the helmet being his head. Rita managed to use Tyme's head to avoid disaster, but she, Cliff, and Jane returned to the manor without the material and got mad at Niles again for tricking them about Tyme. Later, Rita began teaching Dorothy how to cook and they became friends.

Saving Larry[]

Rita and Dorothy were spending time together until Cliff interrupted to talk to Niles. Rita, Niles and Dorothy saw a lot of butterflies flying in the manor from afar. She and Niles discovered that Larry had been kidnapped by Red Jack, an old enemy of Caulder, so Rita accompanied Niles to save his friend. In Jack's palace, Rita saw the victims turned into butterflies.

Rita found Larry in chains and tried to save him, but they both grew butterfly wings until Niles killed Jack and managed to fix everything. Rita released Larry, and the duo released all the victims. Upon returning to the manor, Rita and Larry learned to overcome their traumas and their bond of friendship grew stronger.[6]

A New Beginning[]

Rita decides to attempt to audition for the local community theater in Cloverton and ends up doing so at a local nursery. However, in the middle of her monologue, she has flashbacks to her mental block and botches the audition. Later at Doom Manor, Rita goes over her lines and is unexpectedly visited by the play's director who asks her to take over the role of the Blob Lady and Rita agrees only for a hallucination of her mother to also appear and belittle her in the process. As it turns out, Rita is having a nightmare.

Eventually Rita decides she is going to go shadow the Cloverton beekeeper. As it turns out, when Rita goes to meet with the Beekeeper, she finds out this Cloverton resident is kind of rough around the edges. She also has a daughter that she's hard on and has her take a jar of honey to help her get better grades at school. This ends upseting Rita as it reminds her of the difficult relationship she had with her own mother. , She eventually opens up to the beekeeper about her mother, who suggests that she needs to see things through her mother's eyes and since she can't talk to her, she needs to find a surrogate to scream at. The surrogate being the bees in this way, but it doesn't work for Rita the way she hoped it would. On her way home, though, she encounters a mugging in progress and as the Beekeeper ends up saving the day.

Fight with Candlemaker[]

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Rita and the Doom Patrol arrive at the fair.

At the fair, Rita runs into her imaginary friend, a paper doll named Mademoiselle Roxy that the Candlemaker created to torture her. Eventually Rita opens up about her own issues to her paper doll. Unfortunately, much like her teammates, she got waxed, except Cliff, who gets busted apart first instead.[4]

Soon after, Rita and the others stopped being wax. She, Larry, and Vic found Niles deceased and saw Dorothy appear flying alongside Candlemaker and mourned Niles's death.


Rita at first is seen as a very narcissistic, haughty and always speaking in airs, spending nearly 70 years stuck in the past of her glory days surrounding herself with her own image and continually watching her movies. As her image and legacy is rooted in her self worth, Rita is repulsed by deformity and most of all her own condition. Rita is a physical attractive woman, brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin

After her psychological torture from Mr. Nobody and her exchanges with Cyborg and the elderly Mento, she accepted her failings and began a personal journey to become a better person, selflessly saving Elliot Patterson's life, accepting her past sins. revealing her birth name and devoting herself to the search for the chief which she was reluctant to do at first.

Although fame, grandiose and her childhood issues with her mother overlay her deeper qualities, Rita is deep down a caring and protective person who upon resolving her issues, Rita desires to become a superhero and use her powers for good. On several occasions, Rita acted as a mother figure to Cyborg.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Meta-human physiology: While on the set of Forbidden Congo, Rita was exposed to an unknown gas, mutating her biology.[5]
    • Elasticity:

      Rita using her elasticity.

      Rita is able to stretch her limbs far beyond their capabilities as shown when she was able to stretch her arm multiple feet across a room.[9]
    • Longevity: Rita's physiology seems to have stalled her aging as she looks exactly the same now as she did sixty years ago.
    • Enhanced strength: Rita's powers seem to also grant her a degree of strength as she was able to hold Willoughby Kipling in place with one hand and apply enough pressure to his chest to affect his breathing. It's also implied that she could have killed him if she had held him like that much longer.
    • Enhanced durability: Rita's elasticity grants her a degree of immunity to attacks.
    • Enhanced Healing: Rita seems to also have enhanced healing, shown when she was exposed to Larry's radiation but was perfectly fine a few moments later.
    • Size alteration: Rita can change her size by becoming giant.


  • Exceptional Acting Skills: Rita, being a renowned actress, possess exceptional acting skills. She uses the same acting skills to keep her powers at bay.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combat : Rita know some form of self defense (Boxing)


  • Power instability: Rita has little voluntary control over her powers, as they will flare up whenever she feels stressed. While she can trigger them at will via her acting talent, reverting them is another story.
    • Blob deformation: When Rita is nervous or stressed, her body will become droopy and deformed. At its fullest extent, this can cause Rita to collapse into an amorphous blob. She can apparently gain mass in this form, as the blob is several times bigger than her human form.
  • Increased metabolism: Rita needs to consume extremely large amounts of calories in order to maintain her form. It is implied that at least a good portion of the very big meals Larry cooks are for her. She is shown eating more food than the rest of the team at dinner and even eats entire chickens in one sitting.


Rita using her suit.


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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Elasti-Girl is an actress and former olympic swimmer Rita Farr. She is a founding member of the Doom Patrol. She gained her elasticity when exposed to volcanic gas on a film shoot. Her first appearance in the comics was My Greatest Adventure #80 (June, 1963).


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